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Luxembourg , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Enchanting castles, twilight forests and the ghosts of hard-fought battles: Why Luxembourg is as fascinating as it is underrated

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Publication date: Saturday 17 October 2015

The long years of war have left a deep imprint on the landscape: there are hilltop citadels, fortresses and castellated battlements atop virtually every bluff of rock in Luxembourg. The biggest is Vianden castle, a mighty stone fortification with ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: 12 reasons Luxembourg is the best country in the world

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Publication date: Saturday 03 October 2015

Luxembourg has a stable political landscape and is the ninth ... Most of the castles are located in the north of the country; the three biggest castles are the ones in Vianden Clervaux and Bourscheid. While it doesn't have the most creative name, the ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Vianden, Luxembourg 10-day Weather

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

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News Luxembourg » Vianden: Luxembourg Grand Duchy, Small Treasure

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Publication date: Saturday 16 March 2002

Vianden Castle, (352) 84-92-91, is open daily. Admission $5.20. More information may be found at and Hotels The 210-room Royal, boulevard Royal 12, Luxembourg City, (352) 241-61-61, fax (352) 22-59-48, is the capital's ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Luxembourg's Discreet Charms

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Publication date: Sunday 14 October 2012

Vianden hosts a medieval castle ... have also made an appearance there. Thinking of visiting Luxembourg yourself? The country has its own airport, Luxembourg-Findel International Airport, and is serviced, among many airlines, by Luxair and Air France.

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Luxembourg: small but mighty

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 October 2015

Families can also find plenty to do outside of the capital city, including a ride up a chairlift to a castle in Vianden or a hike along the forested Mullerthal Trail in the region known as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. But while these enticements might ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Guillaume and Stéphanie talk Luxembourg

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Publication date: Sunday 23 October 2016

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie have ... The tour started off in the north of Luxembourg. The trio first headed to Vianden where they climbed up a hill to have a great view of the old castle. The castle once belonged ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Luxembourg Is A Duchy That Disney Could Have Invented

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Publication date: Saturday 06 August 1988

VIANDEN, LUXEMBOURG — This country is a real-life movie set: Feudal castles; medieval market squares; two-lane roads leading through long rows of tall trees to romantic village hideaways; even a tiny gambling casino suitable for a James Bond encounter.

News Luxembourg » Vianden: Luxembourg: Weekending

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Publication date: Friday 18 April 2003

Luxembourg is sandwiched between France ... Retracing your route from Clervaux, head for Vianden, which has several cafes and restaurants; the focal point is the 9th-century fortress high above the town. En route to Echternach, take a short detour for ...

News Luxembourg » Vianden: War And Remembrance In Luxembourg

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Publication date: Saturday 09 November 1991

Downtown is a monument honoring the first American soldier who died on Luxembourg soil in 1944. Steinfort: A monument to Gen. Patton is in front of the town hall. Legend has it Patton directed traffic here in December 1944. Vianden: At Belvedere ...