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Luxembourg , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Luxembourg » Religion: ‘Separate courts a must to deal with religious matters’

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

Mor Georges Koureih, Archbishop of Luxembourg (left), and Catholicos Baselios Thomas ... also called for the setting up of separate courts to decide on religious matters. Civil, criminal courts are not equipped to deal with disagreements and rifts between ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Majority of Britons see religious studies as unimportant

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

it's questionable whether a specific timetabled subject called 'religious education' is the best way to achieve that." In July Luxembourg's Government set a precedent in this regard when it announced plans to replace religious education lessons with 'life ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Berlin: ‘Ixcanul’s’ Jayro Bustamante, Tu Vas Voir, Film Factory Unveil ‘Tremors’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

La Casa de Producción, Bustamante’s Guatemala label, France’s Memento Films, Luxembourg’s Iris Prods ... Guatemala City in a love story come family drama set in a context of religious bigotry. “Tremors” turns on Pablo, an evangelical Christian ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Luxembourg grants ‘safe country’ status to Georgia

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

Luxembourg has added Georgia to the list of safe countries ... protected in Georgia and the country ensures equality among the citizens despite their race, religion, ethnicity, social identity or political ideology. Read also: How I entered EU without ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Does Brexit threaten rights protection for Irish citizens in the North?

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

After Brexit how would those rights be protected if the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is fully withdrawn ... genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Luxembourg royals wed in religious ceremony, wrapping up 2-day nuptials

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Publication date: Saturday 20 October 2012

LUXEMBOURG – Under a canopy of soldiers' drawn swords as church bells tolled, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy emerged smiling Saturday from the tiny duchy's Notre Dame Cathedral after wrapping up a two-day wedding ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Armenian 'genocide': the disputed massacres of 1915-17

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Publication date: Friday 23 February 2018

Genocide defined - A 1948 UN convention defines genocide as acts "committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group ... the did the parliaments of Austria and Luxembourg in 2015.

News Luxembourg » Religion: The 500,000 euro wedding: Belgian countess shimmers in breathtaking lace dress as she marries heir to the Luxembourg throne in lavish ceremony

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Publication date: Friday 19 October 2012

The two-day wedding celebrations cost an estimated 500,000 euros (paid by the Luxembourg taxpayer), and included free concerts, street shows and a giant fireworks display. The guest list for the religious ceremony included kings, queens, princes and ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Luxembourg’s royal wedding draws regal guest list

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Publication date: Saturday 20 October 2012

Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg. The civil ceremony was followed by a reception and gala dinner at the Grand Ducal Palace. On Saturday morning, their marriage was blessed with a religious service at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Princess Stephanie was ...

News Luxembourg » Religion: Luxembourg Church regrets end to religious education in schools

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Publication date: onday 25 September 2017

Under the centre-left government of Xavier Bettel, Europe's only openly gay premier, full Church-State separation is to be phased in over two decades The Catholic Church in Luxembourg has regretted a government decision to scrap religious teaching in ...