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Luxembourg , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Diekirch launches 0,0% beer

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Böttner said that it was not about copying the Diekirch Premium, but about creating a beer which stood the test on its own as a non-alcoholic pils. The Brasserie de Luxembourg, which is part of the Ab-InBev, currently employs 54 people, and a new brewery ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: 12 reasons Luxembourg is the best country in the world

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Publication date: Saturday 03 October 2015

And until January 1, 2016, the country will also remain Starbucks-free. Not counting the microbreweries, Luxembourg produces five beers: Mousel, Battin, Diekirch, Bofferding, and Simon, which are very popular throughout the country. It also produces a lot ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Enchanting castles, twilight forests and the ghosts of hard-fought battles: Why Luxembourg is as fascinating as it is underrated

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Publication date: Saturday 17 October 2015

asked Lis. ‘Then you must go to the town of Diekirch. You’ll soon see why.’ Diekirch, a half-hour drive from Luxembourg City, is a pretty enough place set in the rural heartland of the Ardennes. Here, amid folded valleys, towering escarpments and ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Diekirch, Luxembourg Hourly Weather

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

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News Luxembourg » Diekirch: 10 things to do in Luxembourg

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Publication date: Sunday 20 August 2017

Luxembourg is bigger than Dorset ... Tickets start at €7. Eaten and drunk too much? Diekirch is one of the easiest places to stretch your legs, being half an hour by train from the capital. A historic town, it was largely rebuilt in traditional style ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Luxembourg Grand Duchy, Small Treasure

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Publication date: Saturday 16 March 2002

The new Museum of the History of Luxembourg City, rue du St.-Esprit 14, (352) 47-96-30-61, is open Tuesday to Sunday. Admission $7.50. The National Military Museum at Diekirch, rue Bamertal 10, (352) 80-89-08; open daily 2 to 6 p.m. in winter, 10 a.m. to 6 ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: War And Remembrance In Luxembourg

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Publication date: Saturday 09 November 1991

In Diekirch, a historic museum commemorates the Battle of the Bulge with 10 impressive, life-sized dioramas depicting the lives of the American and German soldiers, as well as Luxembourg civilians during those days. There is an excellent exhibit of ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Luxembourg ride pays off for Armstrong

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Publication date: Friday 04 June 2010

DIEKIRCH, Luxembourg (Reuters) - Lance Armstrong’s decision to ride in the Tour of Luxembourg to make up for the racing days he lost earlier in the season due to illness and injury looks to have paid off. The low-key race has proved more demanding than ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: Pinebark Ave., Orlando, died...

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Publication date: Wednesday 23 April 1986

JOSETTE ANNE VINSON, 54, 4273 Pinebark Ave., Orlando, died Wednesday. Born in Diekirch, Luxembourg, she moved to Orlando from Massachusetts in 1956. She was a banquet coordinator and a Catholic. Survivors: husband, John E. Sr.; daughter, Kathryn Ballard ...

News Luxembourg » Diekirch: How to get energy from sewage waste

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Publication date: onday 16 November 2015

Pipes, conduits and different machines fill the small hall inside which the project is taking on its final shape, at its base on the “Fridhaff” landfill site near the town of Diekirch in the North of Luxembourg. Work was going on at a fast pace this ...